SkyMoney is 21st century financial solution for the airline passengers

SkyMoney is developed by the Aviation Lab in collaboration with the FinTech Lab, Blockchain Lab, Design Thinking Lab, AI and Machine Learning Lab and leverages cutting edge technologies to deliver outstanding value to airline customers

Fashionable wearables create simple, unique and fun contactless payment experience

Customers choose one of the designer wearables from Sky Money collection which includes fashionable wristbands and bracelets, watches, rings, smartphone cases and other accessories.

SkyMoney Luxury Designer Collection

Sky Money effectively combines cutting edge technology and fashion to create the payment method that delights customers with its simplicity and convenience while adding an element of fun and excitement that helps create positive perceptions about the travel experience. Sky Money does not only help maximize spend per passenger which drives revenue growth, but also significantly improves operational efficiency by leveraging the wearable devices to create a robust alternative to the boarding pass.

Empowering airlines to enhance customer experience, maximize revenue and increase brand equity

Sky Money helps airlines deepen their relationship with customers by expanding their role into that of the financial services provider. Combination of the latest technology and designer accessories for contactless payments helps an airline differentiate itself from competitors creating a unique positioning as an innovative player that redefines the travel experience to meet the changing needs of customers. Enhanced customer experience leads to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty which drives revenue growth.

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