Dr Saber Khan was born and grew up in Sheffield, England and has over 20 years applied business focussed market innovation, and intelligence expertise. With a focus on disruptive innovation, he has a Doctorate in innovation in research methodology, and developed a Co Creation Propensity measurement model  whilst undertaking Postgraduate at Oxford University.

He founded Ethnic Focus in the UK which was the first full service research agency specialising in reaching the £42 billion spending power of ethnic consumers across the UK. He developed market disruption research products that led to Ethnic Focus becoming the agency of choice for many of the largest global and over a 100 leading brands.

His current emphasis is on Emerging Markets and Disruptive Innovation methodologies and his experience in multi stakeholder innovation approaches coupled with cultural empathy and empowerment

He is delighted to add value as Director of Future Innovation Lab, Innovation, Market Strategy and Understanding.


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